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global climate change!

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Economic growth

through energy efficiency!

About Us


The Institute for Energy Efficiency of Ukraine (IEE) is a non-profit think tank, independent from governments, political parties and business groups, focusing on the promotion of efficient use of energy and alternative energies in Ukraine. We support Ukraine’s European integration by showing ways of how to adopt European standards in energy efficiency. International scientific research has shown that Ukraine is one of the world’s least energy efficient economies  – a situation that has high economic and security cost. In the context of Ukraine’s rapprochement to the European Union, IEE wants to help Ukraine achieve European standards of efficiency in using energy and resources.


IEE is a practically oriented organisation whose creation comes from the observation that energy efficiency would improve Ukraine’s performance in three fields:


By improving Ukraine’s global competitiveness, lowering consumers’ bills and the state’s budget deficit


By reducing Ukraine’s dependency on foreign suppliers


By contributing to the global fight against climate change

Our Objectives


To aid Ukraine reach its ambitious objectives, IEE’s work lays upon 4 pillars:

Research & Campaigning

We conduct political research and campaigning for energy efficiency and renewable energies


We are being a platform to bring together different actors in the field: national actors and international ones, public and private, politics and business.


We evaluate and coordinate projects aimed at increasing energy efficiency and renewable energies in Ukraine

Public Awareness

We raise public awareness for the importance of an efficient use of energy and green technologies


Alexander Ozeran

Executive Director

Quentin Boulanger

Research & Policy Director

Jurko Banzaj

Marketing & Communications Director


Anastasiia Rozhynska

Communications Expert

Carla Czanik


Olexiy Ozeran

Legal Advisor

Mariia Buravlova

Scientific Advisor

Nils Wortberg

Junior Researcher

David Bonson-Hesener

Special Advisor



You can contact us by using the form on the left or by emailing/calling us directly

  • Andriivs′kyi descent, 11, 04070, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • +380 44 337 09 00